June 13, 2005

M4 speed cameras make driving dangerous

This one is so funny. M4 cameras dangerous because they mean that there are large numbers of people driving at just below the trigger speed, with over haft the people on motorways going above 70mph. There has in fact been an increase in average speed since the introduction of speed cameras .

This tendency towards a very small range of speed (between 70mph and the trigger speed of 80mph) leads to large numbers of people bunching together without enough space between them in order to stop properly in case of an emergency. This is a much more dangerous situation than a few people driving very fast, especially as it could lead to more multiple accidents as drivers without enough stoping distance plow into each other if the lead has to slow down suddenly. Since the speed cameras proponents claim they are all about safety, and are not a revenue raising exercise, perhaps they should start campaigning for their removal since they obviously are not increasing road safety?


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